Brand Philosophy

“Serene life”

It aims at providing soothing professional healthcare to busy people with fast-paced urban life in a private and elegant environment. Green Massage leads modern concept of health and healthcare, integrating modern scientific techniques on the basis of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. It dredges the channels and collaterals, nourishes one’s spirit and relieves pressure through comprehensive conscious breathing,massage and other methods.

  • Immerse yourself in the serenity of the tranquil and elegant comfortable environment of nature away from the hustle and bustle of a restless city.

  • By inheriting from ancient chinese medicine techniques, green massage develop signature treatment combining the theory of aromatherapy to promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, relieve muscle tension and pains, thus enhancing the body natural resistance to illness.

  • Spa design are furnished with natural green stones, marble, solid wood, white sand, silk curtains and warm yellow lightings to precipitate your mind and calm your heart.

  • Premium, attentive and considerate services, professional physiothetlrapists, signature treatments with a balance of yin and yan through gentle skillful techniques to relieve and achieve a blissful spa experience.

The Roof Branch

Alice found herself through the dream world, and at ‘green massage’ The Roof Branch, we created a "rabbit hole" to lead you out of the stress and tension in an incongruous reality with non-incongruous comfort and tolerance.

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Lujiazui Branch

green massage Lujiazui, located in the crowded financial district of Shanghai, is creating a secluded corner with a deep immersion experience, offering a gentle nourishing treatment to every tired body and soul with the sensory circulation.

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Infinitus Branch

Located in the bustling city center, the infinity shopping center is a store where Qinglai health care subverts the tradition. Focusing on the art "full moon", it subverts the traditional Chinese style of health care in terms of space, layout and design.

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Xintiandi Branch

Located in the fashion landmark XTD with a unique style blending traditional elements and in perfect harmony with international design concept.

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Shanghai Center Mall Branch

Located in the iconic landmark with its unique style blending traditional Chinese elements and style.

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Gubei Branch

Located along Ruby road and in the busy business district of Gubei, the spa is fitted with aesthetics and art blending with nature with a garden courtyyard filled with evergreen trees.

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